Combo App

Smartphone Solutions

Can a smartphone be your main infotainment system in the car? Yes, with a Combo App that includes all the infotainment features you want to use while driving the car! To satisfy the growing demands made on safety and convenience in the car, the combo app is equipped with a specific vehicle HMI that can be used in the car. The display of information is reduced to driving-related contents and the controls are all designed to meet the driver's ergonomic requirements.

The constant extension of our feature pool serves as the basis for your specific combo app. Typical features include navigation, car finder, telephone, messaging, social networking and internet radio.

We also provide various integration levels for combo apps, range from a basic system with the app controlled on the smartphone to premium integrated systems with the display and control realized in the in-dash head unit.

The combo app can be your bridge between the more stable automotive system environment and the fast-paced innovations of the CE world. An update of the combo app can be the key to supplying vehicles in the field with the latest features and services.

Connected services in combination with a combo app build the platform for sustainable feature growth within the vehicle (please also see Cloud Solutions).

Bosch is able to design a Combo App to meet your specific needs.