Connected Navigation

Cloud Solutions

The connected navigation and driver assistance services provide online and up-to-date data for a connected drive. While unconnected systems get their operational data from pre-compiled data storage or from broadcasting systems, connected systems have access to the latest data.

Here are two examples from a comprehensive portfolio of services:

Reduce travel time and drive more conveniently with real-time traffic information: The latest information on traffic incidents and slow moving traffic is provided and can be used by the in-dash navigation system to find the best route and achieve the shortest travel time.

Find free parking near your destination with the parking service: This service provides information on the availability of free parking lots near your destination and much more, such as location, opening hours, etc. Let your in-dash navigation system guide you directly to a free parking space instead of having to driving in circles around your destination before you can find somewhere to leave your car.

Our primary objective is to enhance the driver convenience and finally the quality of the journey. We continuously develop new services to achieve this aim.