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Smartphone Solutions

mySPIN, the easy way to link smartphones to vehicles’ infotainment systems. Link up your smartphone to mySPIN and operate apps through the vehicle’s touch screen, controller or steering wheel control. Once the head unit has integrated the mySPIN adapter, apps can be added without requiring head unit modifications.

Adapting an app for mySPIN requires minimal effort. This guarantees that users’ favourite apps will become available in the mySPIN eco system.

mySPIN opens a window to the driver for OEM suppliers and offers personalized one or two-way communication with the customer.

The system has a similar look & feel on both iOS and Android platforms. OE Branding and customization / skinning is possible.


With mySPIN for Android and iOS an easy and future proven way for app integration into the vehicle is available. OEMs, system suppliers and app developers are invited to participate in this open eco system. It combines customer needs and provides a reliable solution.

Benefits for an automotive OEM:

  • 1 bn. smartphone users expect proper car integration
  • Make the unavoidable use of the smartphone in the car safe, convenient and unique in your look and feel
  • Have a “White List” to define which apps from the phone are used

mySPIN offers furthermore additional chances for an OEM:

  • Establish additional value streams. With mySPIN you can define what is available on your head unit
  • Get the opportunity to have a CRM channel to interact live with your customers. Tell them about latest offers, news or guide them to your service points
  • mySPIN is already “live” with one OEM in 2013. Be part of a new ecosystem

The scope of application is the networking between the handset and the infotainment system of a vehicle. Thus a user can enjoy its usual mobile apps in his car, just as if they would be a part of the in-car infotainment system (IVI). mySPIN transfers the video image to the vehicle’s display and allows an ease of operation of users’ favourite apps.

Win-win with mySPIN

With mySPIN the user gets an attractive infotainment system. For the OEM mySPIN provides customers satisfaction, a safe smartphone integration, low risk and low invest and furthermore shared maintenance costs. The advantages for app developer are additional customer groups, safe use of apps in the car and access to vehicle data.


mySPIN consists of two software components primarily:

  • ConnectSDK – a virtual device on the handset which provides a communication channel to an external accessory
  • LauncherApp – an app, based on the in-vehicle infotainment connector, which offers the possibility to start specific applications on an iOS or Android based handset from a connected in-vehicle infotainment system.

Feature Highlights: