Smartphone safety inside the car

mySPIN lets the driver access their smartphone while driving – safely, securely, and without distraction.


Even while driving, people want access to their own phone, with their own apps and personalized content. But using smartphones behind the wheel is hazardous.

mySPIN solves this problem by integrating the smartphone with the car’s head unit. The driver can then use compatible smartphone apps directly from the car’s touchscreen.

mySPIN is fully customizable. The vehicle manufacturer retains total control over the customer experience, deciding which apps are available inside the car and which features can be used while driving.

mySPIN supports iOS and Android smartphones. Support for Windows smartphones is currently in the prototype stage.


A streamlined interface presents only essential content to the driver. It displays the information that’s relevant to driving, with nothing distracting or unnecessary.

mySPIN is compatible with a wide range of smartphone apps, including music, navigation, news and information, travel assistance, and communication applications. The apps retain their original look and feel, as intended by their publishers. It’s the same user experience, just transferred to the vehicle’s touchscreen in a special car mode.

User Experience

A customer's journey

To get started with mySPIN, the driver simply needs to download the launcher app from the vehicle manufacturer and connect their phone to the car.


This technology has already been deployed in many locations around the world, with very positive results. In this video you’ll hear real users talk about their experience with mySPIN.

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Local App Centers

mySPIN is available worldwide, but we strive to deliver a localized experience in every region. To this end, we’ve built a network of local App Centers in Europe, North America, China and India. These centers probe their local market to uncover the latest trends. By cooperating with local app publishers, we can deliver a growing range of exciting apps – both regionally and globally.


Developer community

We’re working in close cooperation with developers to expand our range of available apps. We’ve made it as easy as possible to make your apps compatible with mySPIN.

Sign up at our developer portal, where you can download the SDK, templates, and guidelines and also watch tutorials.



mySPIN Apps & Whitelist

mySPIN Apps & Whitelist

  • Smartphone can be easily and safely used inside the vehicle
  • More than music: some apps can be optimized for automotive use and cross-linked to vehicle data
  • More than 20 apps are currently available for mySPIN, with more to come
  • With mySPIN, smartphone apps maintain their original look and feel
  • Works with the top brands in third-party navigation (including real-time traffic and offline usage)
  • Integrates closely with the head unit, e.g. by sending information from the Parkopedia Parking app to IVI navigation

mySPIN Apps & Whitelist

mySPIN Apps & Whitelist

  • The mySPIN whitelist lets vehicle manufacturers in each region decide which apps can be used on the head units in their cars
  • Available in many regions (e.g. China) and customized for local requirements
  • Supports Android and iOS smartphones. Support for other operating systems (e.g. Windows) is also possible
  • Bosch is an established automotive supplier with decades of experience in automotive lifecycles and procedures
  • mySPIN can work with very basic systems, even radios with older-generation displays, which lowers costs.
  • Additional cloud services for product optimization (e.g. access to vehicle data) and cus-tomer relationship management (e.g. news channel) are available
  • Vehicle manufacturers can rebrand and design the launcher app according to their own needs

mySPIN Apps & Whitelist

mySPIN Apps & Whitelist

  • Requires minimal effort to integrate into new and existing apps (SDK)
  • Access to vehicle data lets you develop innovative automotive-specific apps
  • Comprehensive and worldwide support from BSOT App Centers
  • Access to the latest information and assistance through a powerful developer portal