White Label Navigation

Embedded Solutions

In response to offer more flexible and scalable product solutions, Bosch's navigation module with or without map engine can now be purchased separately from the hardware as a single product. This enables our customers to integrate the Bosch navigation module in infotainment platforms, which are not provided by Bosch.

The integration can be realized via SDKs (software development kit) for various customer systems.

The legendary Bosch navigation, benchmark in route calculation, route guidance and precision comes with a lot of unique features and feature highlights.

See below to find a selection of major navigation features


True Eco Routing:

Enables the driver to reduce fuel consumption significantly by taking into account

  • Elevation profile
  • Number of villages and towns and intersections
  • Vehicle and driver profile

As a result, you not only reduce your fuel consumption, you also avoid unnecessary toxic emissions.

Bosch gets you to your destination for less.

Route Guidance:

The Bosch Route Guidance concept is benchmark. It allows the driver to drive simply by listening to the operation instructions without having any visualization.

World Navigation:

  • Global coverage from single core
  • Flexibility in terms of data suppliers (TomTom, NAVTEQ, Sensis, NAV2 and more)
  • Integration of different broadcasts and online Traffic
  • Wide range of supported languages (acoustical 22, HMI/Map 24)

The integration of the Bosch SoftTec navigation module is supported by a well documented object oriented (C++) interface. It is delivered as library to be linked with the customer application. The methods of the interface are organized according to navigation task domains: positioning, destination input, route calculation, route guidance, map control, traffic messages.
In order to ensure minimum delay times in the HMI software the interface works in an asynchronous mode. This means there are callbacks when the tasks are finished.

The Map ConfigTool (optional) enables the customer to specify nearly all aspects of map appearance ("how does the map looks like"). Following please see some of the major configuration options:

  • lines (roads, borders, traffic, route): color, line type (solid, dotted/dashed pattern) and width for all zoom levels
  • polygons (land, landuse, forest, water): color, outline
  • images
  • country dependent images (e.g. road number signs)
  • fonts for labeling lines, polygons and images

A wide range of processors and operating systems are supported.

Some examples of processors: ARM9, ARM11, Cortex A8, Cortex A9, MIPS64, X86 Some examples of operating systems: Windows, Linux, Apple iOS


Feature Highlights: