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We’re building innovative solutions for the connected vehicle. We’re using the latest technologies to build the connected car of tomorrow. Our portfolio includes smartphone, cloud and embedded solutions as well as integration services. We’re driven by creativity and a desire to shape the future. Our spirit of innovation, combined with Bosch‘s expertise in automotive technology, gives us a unique edge in the market.

Explore the future of connected driving

In-car infotainment is becoming integrated with consumer electronics. Your customers now expect the same digital experience both inside and outside the car. To keep pace with the rapidly changing world of consumer electronics, automakers need to innovate faster, and be more responsive to market trends.

At Bosch SoftTec, we empower our customers to see the future – to anticipate new developments and deliver solutions that meet consumers’ expectations.



mySPIN bridges the gap between vehicle and smartphone. It lets the user access their apps, data, and content while riding.

Connected Horizon

Connected Horizon

Connected Horizon is our route forecast system that uses highly dynamic map data to show the driver what’s beyond the horizon and around the next bend.

Engineering Services

Speed Assist Connected Horizon

The Speed Assist Connected Horizon is a software and service solution that can be implemented quickly and efficiently based on the Connected Horizon technology to focus solely on provisioning current speed limit information.

Smarter solutions for connected driving

Integration Services

Digital technology has changed the relationship between car and driver, opening a whole new world of possibilities. Modern drivers expect to be connected and informed at all times and to have assistance at hand whenever they need it. Our solutions give the driver access to a full range of connected services, empowering them to see further, plan smarter, and never lose touch with the world.



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