Bosch SoftTec Engineering

Making the connected car a reality

Integration Services

The internet and the vehicle are no longer separate. Vehicles are now merging into the digital eco-system and becoming devices in their own right. Cloud connectivity is driving this transition from isolated car to connected car.

The connected car offers the driver a new world of possibilities. Systems update automatically, cars can communicate with each other, and traffic data is always accurate.

The car infotainment system receives continuous updates from the cloud backend. Data and content are always up to date, and the driver’s information is always reliable.

Our solutions take full advantage of the connected car, making life easier for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. We work with a network of industry partners (e.g. TomTom) to solve automotive challenges.

Integration Services: the Bosch advantage

We have the vast experience of the Bosch Group behind us. Through our Integration Services program, we can transfer skills, resources, and expertise between different areas of the company. This cross-pollination means we can innovate faster and with greater flexibility than our competitors. And our customers benefit from the end result.


Through our Integration Services program, we lend our skills and resources to other areas of the Bosch Group. We collaborate on a diverse range of projects, which helps us broaden our experience and further develop our expertise.

At Bosch SoftTec, we don’t simply design products, we build ecosystems. We find new and innovative ways to connect people, vehicles, and devices. Our expertise spans automotive software, cloud connectivity, and smartphone integration. But it’s when we combine all three of these that the real magic happens.

A group of connected products and devices working together can deliver a more seamless user experience than any isolated product.