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mySPIN for two-wheelers

How to connect your two most favorite devices: mySPIN enables the convenient use of apps on motorcycles and other two-wheelers or powersports vehicles for a whole new riding experience and enhanced safety.

Use your apps on your bike.

Motorcycle connectivity enabled by mySPIN is the perfect solution for fabulous tours, enabling riders to share their favorite sections of the route with fellow bikers. Once the smartphone has been connected to the motorcycle, the bike’s display as well as the control knobs and buttons on the handlebars can be used to access data on the phone, like contacts, calendars, and favorite apps. It is then possible, for example, to use apps for sharing tours and benefit from the traffic information provided by navigation apps to avoid congestion.


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About mySPIN for two-wheelers

About mySPIN for two-wheelers overview

During system development, we paid particular attention to road safety and the avoidance of rider distraction. With mySPIN, apps are pared down to show the rider only the most essential information on the motorcycle’s display. Inter-app communication makes it easier, for instance, to enter navigation destinations thanks to direct access to the contacts stored on the phone. What is more, being a cross-platform solution, it makes no difference to mySPIN whether the rider is using an Android or iOS smartphone.


mySPIN Smartphone Integration

mySPIN is fully customizable. The vehicle manufacturer retains total control over the customer experience, deciding which apps are available for the motorcycle and which features can be used while riding. mySPIN supports iOS and Android smartphones.

mySPIN is a software solution for vehicle manufacturers. Our customers today are: BMW, BRP, KHI, Ducati and more to come.


mySPIN for two-wheelers connected cluster and interface

A streamlined interface presents only essential content to the rider. It displays the information that’s relevant to riding, with nothing distracting or unnecessary. mySPIN is compatible with a wide range of smartphone apps, including music, navigation, news and information, riding community, and communication applications. The apps retain their original look and feel, as intended by their publishers. It’s the same user experience, just transferred to the vehicle’s touchscreen in a special ride mode.

Improved engineering

Smartphone Connectivity for 2Wheeler

Thanks to the connection to the vehicle’s data as well as to the cloud, the vehicle manufacturer can collect and analyze specific data about its motorcycles and can choose to make this information available to the rider. This would allow, for instance, the rider to be informed early on about a fuel station up ahead if the fuel level in the tank is getting low. If the vehicle manufacturer wants to maintain a close relationship with its customers or expand its service options, it can also use mySPIN to establish a direct channel of communication with its customers. This can be used, for example, to inform customers about special offers provided by dealerships.

Market research

mySPIN most popular apps

Ninety percent of motorcyclists use a smartphone while on the road, sometimes even while riding – but generally when preparing a tour or taking a break. It is highly inconvenient, though, having to pull over, take off your helmet and pull off your gloves just to use your phone.

What do the motorcyclists think about mySPIN for two-wheelers? We asked them.
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mySPIN Apps

Available mySPIN Apps and more to come.

*This list is subject to change without notice. All applications might not be compatible on both iOS and Android. The list of available mySPIN compatible applications will vary by region. Some applications might be temporarily unavailable for in-vehicle use due to maintenance.

mySPIN Apps developed by Bosch

mySPIN app developer portal

We’re working in close cooperation with developers to expand our range of available apps. We’ve made it as easy as possible to make your apps compatible with mySPIN. Sign up at our developer portal, where you can download the SDK, templates, and guidelines and also watch tutorials.

mySPIN app developer portal


For consumers:

  • “More than music!”: Specific apps optimized for two-wheelers operational context can be cross-linked to vehicle data
  • Diversity: Currently are round about 25 apps for mySPIN two-wheelers available, the number is growing.
  • Look and Feel: After connecting, apps keep their unique look and feel as known from the smartphone, and identical across all smartphone OS
  • Full featured navigation: 3rd party navigation with real time traffic and offline usage is available from regional top brands.
  • Integration with cluster functionality: E.g. pass destination from CitySeeker app to cluster navigation (“navigate to”)

For vehicle manufacturers:

  • Full control: The decision which apps will be usable on the bike per region is made by OEM
  • Market: High regional availability (e.g. China). Support of Android, iOS.
  • Low Risk: Bosch is an established two-wheelers supplier with decades of experience with vehicle lifecycles, and procedures.
  • Improved Engineering: Access for OEM to vehicle data (e.g. wear statistics of vehicle components, usage statistics), by making use of an encrypted communication channel (mySPIN as a gateway)
  • Basic system requirements: mySPIN is suitable even for DotMatrix Displays which lowers costs.